9 Tips for LGBTQ+ MBA Applicants Applying to Business School


我们的使命是帮助所有与我们合作的MBA申请者在申请商学院时展现出最耀眼的一面. Bonus points if you’re able to enjoy the application process along the way! A group of LGBTQ+ MBA consultants from the SBC team got together to share stories from our own experiences applying to b-school.

我们还交换了多年来与客户合作的经验教训. Especially after the past year’s events, we believe that being bold and authentic is now more critical than ever. 以下是LGBTQ+ MBA申请者在考虑商学院时应该考虑的9点建议.

Advice for LGBTQ+ MBA Applicants When Applying

1. 联系你正在考虑的学校的LGBTQ+学生组织.

与不同学校的LGBTQ+ MBA学生交谈是了解该项目和LGBTQ+学生在那里学习经验的最好方式之一. In addition, 大多数MBA课程在学校网站上都有关于LGBTQ+学生组织的信息. But if you can’t find this information, contact the admissions office.

我们特别建议联系某所学校的LGBTQ+学生组织的学生联合主席之一. In our experience, 我们发现这些俱乐部的领导几乎总是会给潜在的学生回信.

This will give you a chance to gain current students’ perspectives, 了解学生在疫情期间是如何学习和社交的, 并可能与招生办公室的其他人联系,与LGBTQ+ MBA申请者合作. In addition, if there are events or information sessions specifically for LGBTQ+ applicants, you’ll want to be sure to attend these as well.

(Wharton School has the largest LGBTQ MBA club in the U.S. In 2020, the school launched Prism, a full-ride LGBTQ MBA Fellowship.)

2. 不要害怕与校友或在你感兴趣的领域工作的个人取得联系.

The LGBTQ+ world may be small, but it is also mighty. So, 不要害怕通过LinkedIn和其他专业平台接触LGBTQ+社区的其他人. Of course, 通过朋友的朋友来工作总是很好的,但也要试着与社区中那些从你感兴趣的学校毕业或者在你感兴趣的行业工作的人进行“冷接触”.

Of course, this cold outreach doesn’t always work. 然而,我们发现,LGBTQ+的申请者向社区中的其他人伸出援手,似乎往往能得到答案. A reminder: always put your best foot forward.

Whenever you reach out to anyone in connection to your business school journey, ALWAYS be courteous in your approach, proofread your writing, and be sure to thank anyone who offers you feedback or guidance.

3. When writing your essays, share your story thoughtfully.

For many, 出柜是一种深刻的个人经历,需要大量的自我检查和反省. Thus, 一篇涉及到这种深刻揭示脆弱性和自我意识的文章可能会引人注目.

Many of the most compelling essays we’ve read, for example, don’t actually “center” on a coming-out story. Instead, 他们以这段经历为起点,探索对申请者有深远意义的话题.

Remember that admissions officers want to understand many different aspects of you as an applicant. 我们建议你将你身份的这一元素作为你是谁的一个重要方面——而不是全部——呈现出来.

4. Don’t be afraid to be different. In fact, standing out can be a very good thing.

我们看到许多LGBTQ+ MBA申请者,他们在大学里没有公开身份,或者在职业上遵从社会告诉他们的商人“应该”是手机伟德样子.

With all of our clients (not only members of the LGBTQ+ community), we encourage people to be themselves authentically. Embrace your individuality, your quirkiness, and your queerness, along with all the other things that make you unique.


5. Check out the Reaching Out MBA Conference.

The Reaching Out MBA Conference (ROMBA) is the world’s largest gathering of LGBT+ business students and alumni. This event educates, inspires, and connects our community through C-suite panels, workshops, competitions, a host of receptions, 以及一场有100家企业合作伙伴参与的招聘LGBTQ+ MBA人才的招聘会.

The next ROMBA conference will take place October 7-9, 2021 in Austin, Texas.  Check the ROMBA website for more details in early June.

After you’ve been accepted:

6. Check out the Point Foundation (and other scholarship groups).

The Point Foundation (Point) is the nation’s largest scholarship-granting organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) students of merit. Point promotes change through scholarship funding, mentorship, leadership development, and community service training. To apply, 申请人必须计划参加授予学位的本科或研究生/博士课程. More information is available via the link above.

7. 在选择适合您的程序时,考虑您的多种身份.

我们团队的一些成员提出了在一个人有多个身份时导航应用程序流程的复杂性:例如, being trans or non-binary, being femme, being from a low-income background, or being non-white.

当你选择适合自己的MBA课程时,这些身份层面中的每一个都可以增加另一个细微差别. This, of course, means different things for different people. For you, this might mean selecting an MBA program that has:

  • specific Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) policies in place (not just lip-service)
  • faculty class rolls that include preferred names/pronouns
  • 采取措施,确保非白人学生和国际学生不会感到孤立,工作人员主动伸出手来登记,而不是等待学生来找他们
  • 不容忍贬损的语言/行为,使个人感到安全,知道他们可以站出来
  • 支持LGBTQ+和其他弱势学生的强大“盟友文化”
  • resources for pregnant/nursing mothers

On the other hand, 我们还意识到,a)上面的列表绝不是全面的,b)没有一个程序能做到100%正确. Therefore, 我们鼓励申请人根据他们的决定标准来评估这些因素和其他因素,以找到最合适的. And then, once you select the program that is right for you and enroll, work hard to make it even better for those who will follow you.

8. When you do get to business school, speak up and pay it forward.

For every out person on a business school campus, 通常还有其他一些LGBTQ+ MBA学生——尤其是那些有着多重身份的学生——他们可能还不愿意离开校园.

我们很多人都记得,在自己的商学院经历中,大声说出自己的想法,促使那些尚未私下接触我们的人感谢我们让我们的声音得到了倾听. 还有一个乘数效应:一旦一个人举手发表声明或承认自己的身份, others gradually feel more comfortable doing the same.

9. Finally, enjoy yourself and make friends.

Invite that stranger to coffee. Have the tough conversation. 鼓励LGBTQ+学生组织与校园里的一个保守团体共同举办一场欢乐时光. Business school can—and should—be a LOT of fun. 这也是一个强大的机会,你可以影响同学们的心灵和思想,他们将来会经营公司, organizations, and governments around the world.

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