Stacy Blackman Consulting’s "What the AdComm Wants" series answers the most common MBA applicant question: “What are MBA admissions committees looking for?” These guides analyze the qualities that each school is seeking, and help applicants to understand which stories to emphasize throughout their applications.


Stacy Blackman Consulting’s Interview Guides are comprehensive resources to help you prepare for your interview. The guides discuss the qualities that the school of your choice is seeking in successful applicants, outline the format and style of a typical interview and provide typical questions accompanied by sample answers and analysis. The guides also provide interview preparation exercises, as well as real interview transcripts and an appendix with over 150 sample interview questions.


MBA admissions is a holistic process and each aspect of your application carries weight. Don't let poor recommendations or a sloppy strategy derail your hard work. SBC's Basics Series provides guidance on essential factors such as developing your MBA brand, the MBA resume and recommendations.



It really is possible to make significant progress in just 3 weeks. Whether you are aiming to prep for an interview, create a resume or simply get more done, it's easier to take it one small step at a time. Subscribe to Stacy's series of 21 Day Project emails. You will receive one clear, actionable step each day and begin to carve out your path to success. Subscribe and learn how much you can accomplish in just three weeks!

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All guides are in PDF format.