手机版伟德 is introducing a first-of-its-kind resource for 工商管理硕士 applicants focused on social change.

在过去的二十年里,每年都是如此, SBC has seen more and more applicants using their 工商管理硕士s to advance social change. We know that an 工商管理硕士 can be a powerful tool for those seeking to drive 社会影响 in the public, 私人, and government sectors—from social entrepreneurs to innovative nonprofit leaders, 从企业倡导者到影响投资者, 以及其他角色.

That’s why we are thrilled to launch 工商管理硕士社会影响加速器, the first 工商管理硕士 consulting offering of its kind tailored to the unique needs of 社会影响-focused applicants.


南方浸信会的 bold new offering centers on 社会影响-focused applicants and pairs our one-on-one consulting model with a suite of supplemental resources. 加速器是和 钱德勒阿诺德—a 斯坦福大学’/哈佛商学院 dual admit, 20-year serial social entrepreneur, and longtime SBC partner.

Chandler and the team have combined decades of experience with extensive input from admissions officers, 社会影响的领导人, and purpose-driven students and alums from the world’s top business schools to create the program.

SBC recognizes the financial constraints that social-impact-focused applicants may face. That’s why we’re proud of both the power of this program—and the fact that this product is priced more affordably than other offerings. 


的 工商管理硕士社会影响加速器 is for applicants with a demonstrated past commitment to 社会影响 work. By this, we mean a full-time position at a nonprofit organization or a full-time job 关注社会影响 在政府或私营企业. 的se are candidates who plan to expand their 社会影响 and advocacy work via their 工商管理硕士课程 experience. 

SBC is launching 工商管理硕士社会影响加速器 as a limited pilot effort for Round 1, 2021. Interested clients will need to demonstrate their commitment to 社会影响 by sharing their resume and a brief statement explaining why they should be considered for the Accelerator. 


This 工商管理硕士社会影响加速器 pairs individual one-on-one consulting with a suite of new resources designed to guide 社会影响-focused applicants through each element of the 应用程序, 包括: 

  • 的 工商管理硕士 学校的选择 Guide for 社会影响-focused applicants. This 35-page resource analyzes 社会影响 initiatives at 15 of the country’s top 工商管理硕士课程s, 以及聚光灯照射在教员身上, 课程, 以及可能引起目标驱动候选人兴趣的扶轮社. 的 guide also includes behind-the-scenes tips and suggestions from students and alumni from each program. 
  • 5个40分钟的Inside Track视频 with 建议 from top admissions officers focused on resume writing, 短期和长期的目标规划, 的推荐信, 论文写作, 和面试准备.
  • 5个Inside Track工作模块. To make the most out of every minute with your consultant, these modules offer tips and exercises aligned with the Inside Track videos to get a jump-start on your 应用程序.
  • 和你的顾问一对一的时间 including scalable options, gives you exactly the number of hours you need.


We have priced these product options with accessibility in mind, recognizing that many 社会影响-focused applicants face financial constraints. 的 工商管理硕士社会影响加速计划 成本4美元,500,包括上述资源, plus 12-to-13 hours of individual consulting with an SBC team member passionate about 社会影响.

Applicants purchasing this package can also add any number of additional consulting hours to meet their exact consulting needs. 的 工商管理硕士社会影响加速器补充资源 (without the consulting hours) are also available a la carte for $795. 

We are excited about these new offerings to help clients interested in using their 工商管理硕士s to change the world. But, space for 工商管理硕士社会影响加速计划 for Round One 2021 is limited. 的se openings will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

想了解更多? 请 听听我们的播客 about 工商管理硕士社会影响加速器 or reach out to us at 或者拨打866.667.8229.

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南方浸信会的 众星云集的顾问团队 是无与伦比的. Our clients benefit from current intelligence that we receive from the former 工商管理硕士 Admissions Officers from Harvard 哈佛商学院, 斯坦福大学’ and every elite business program in the US and Europe.  的se 工商管理硕士 Admissions Officers have chosen to work exclusively with SBC.

满足 艾琳, who was Assistant Director of 工商管理硕士 Admissions at 斯坦福大学’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) and Director of 工商管理硕士 Admissions at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

满足 安德里亚, who served as the Associate Director of 工商管理硕士 Admissions at 哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School) (哈佛商学院) for over five years.

Tap into this inside knowledge for your 工商管理硕士申请s by 请求一个咨询.