发现的过程, applying for 和 sorting out MBA financial aid opportunities can be tedious 和 confusing. Most business school admits have three lending options: federal loans, 机构贷款, 和私人贷款. MBA students can apply for two types of federal loans: 直接补贴的贷款毕业生加 loans, both of which require you to fill out the Free Application for 联邦学生援助. Institutional loans are provided by the MBA program. These are available to bridge the financial gap once you’ve maxed out scholarships, 奖助金, 联邦学生贷款. 资格要求, 借款上限, terms 和 conditions are set by each school, so these vary from one institution to the next.

If you already have received the admit to your dream MBA program 和 would like help 与 applying for financial aid, 我们是来帮忙的 SBC的财务援助咨询服务.

Meet 乔迪•, SBC’s Director of Financial Aid

Overview of SBC的财务援助咨询服务:

  • 个性化的咨询乔迪•, who will help you find the money needed to help pay for your MBA program. 乔迪• 提供时间说明, so you don’t miss a deadline or make any mistakes that could cost time 和 money, as well as reminders of important steps that need to be taken.

  • 完整的联邦助学金免费申请表: The FASFA is the starting point for most federal, state 和 institutional financial aid. The proper completion of this form in a timely manner is crucial. 事实上,美国和欧洲的贸易关系.S. Department of Education reveals that the majority of people complete the FAFSA in such a way that prevents them from receiving the maximum amount of financial aid available.

  • 完成CSS配置文件: In addition to the FAFSA, some colleges require completion of the CSS Profile. This form asks the same basic questions as the FAFSA, but requires more details about your financial affairs. It is required by most private institutions, 和 can have custom questions from each MBA program.

  • 机构资助表格: MBA programs have supplemental financial aid forms that need to be completed in addition to the ones already mentioned.

  • 分析助学金: We will analyze your financial aid awards 和 create a financial aid budget worksheet to rate the top schools your student is considering. Together we will determine if an appeal is in order.

  • 直接上诉过程: 如果需要, we will help write a letter to the financial aid office for you to submit, 和 provide instructions on how to appeal to the schools to maximize your financial aid award.

请电邮至 询问 乔迪•’s availability 和 include your resume 和 admitted MBA program.  We have a 48 hour turnaround time for inquiries for our 金融援助咨询 service. 然后我们会发电子邮件给你 $1895 发票直接开始!



“乔迪- is an angel to the financial aid process. I have a very unique set of circumstances that qualify me for aid, but one must have a mastery of both the federal laws 和 the private school policies to underst和 how to unlock the available aid. 乔迪• 那个人是. I would not have received my generous award were it not for 乔迪•‘s underst和ing of the rules of the road, 和 her micromanagement of the process.”

“服务 乔迪• provides is extremely comprehensive 和 helpful. She carefully navigated each step of this challenging process 与 her expertise. The service provides a well-developed timeline in order to achieve success. 乔迪• is committed, dependable 和 very professional. 这是一项伟大的投资.”

“I could not have had a successful financial aid 和 pay for college experience 与out the instrumental help of 乔迪•. She has helped complete the FAFSA / CSS Profile, so I could maximize the amount of financial aid.”

“如果没有,我就迷失了 乔迪•. 申请援助不是我的强项. Even gathering the documents I realized just how grateful I was she was there for us. She was there every step of the way, from submissions, to corrections to decisions. Best money we spent in the admissions process.”







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