Improve Your 工商管理硕士 Candidacy Now for Fall Applications

improve your mba candidacy

如果你 plan to apply to business school in the upcoming admissions cycle, you may think it impossible to improve your 工商管理硕士 candidacy in such a short amount of time. 不正确的! You can take action in three critical areas right now that will pay dividends in the fall.


Did you major in liberal arts? Is your undergrad GPA 3.2或低于? In both of these scenarios, you may want to consider taking quantitative classes to enhance your academic profile. When in doubt about your test scores’ strength, consult your target schools’ admitted student profile page and compare them to the median reported score.

如果你 took the GMAT考试 once or twice and did not receive the score you think you are capable of, consider taking a prep course to remind you how to solve those high school math logic problems.

Retake the GMAT考试 until you get the score you feel good about. Or, prove you have the quantitative chops by acing a college-level statistics, 微观经济学, or calculus course at the local community college.  For applicants who can’t raise their GMAT考试 score enough,  consider taking the GRE考试 and see how the two scores stack up.

Fortunately, most 工商管理硕士招生 teams take a holistic view of an individual’s candidacy. Enthusiastic recommendation letters that also address the applicant’s quantitative skills will carry significant weight with the committee.

Extracurricular Involvement

A strong focus on work is fantastic.  But it’s important to showcase other aspects of your personality, too. This helps prove that you bring a diverse set of skills to an 工商管理硕士课程. Community involvement demonstrates that you have a larger view of the world. 具体地说, it shows you see what’s happening outside of your office and that you want to contribute.

But what if you have no time for outside interests because of your 80-hour workweek? Many applicants share this dilemma.  不过, you should still try to find ways to subtly up your community engagement in the coming months. It’s not about gaming the process with some newfound 志愿服务 involvement, however.

The best way to seamlessly incorporate extracurriculars is to think about longstanding passions and interests and build upon them. This is something you can do even with the lingering effects of the pandemic. (查看我们的 coronavirus 工商管理硕士 志愿服务 建议.)

improve your mba candidacy

Have you volunteered for a particular group before? Check in to see what else you can help them with that’s more high profile.  Or ask if any open leadership roles would be a good fit.

Don’t get hung up on traditional volunteer work, though. 有 many ways to show your diversity that can improve your 工商管理硕士 candidacy. The key is to think hard about what excites you. Get creative and discover how you can leverage those interests for the greater good.

Leadership Development

Business schools want to see applicants with proven leadership skills that their 工商管理硕士课程 can 进一步发展.   A promotion between now and the fall would be the ideal scenario. But you don’t have to wait for your supervisor to act to enhance your overall leadership and management potential for business school 应用程序.

Letting others know you want to develop your people skills further may uncover new opportunities to go above and beyond. Volunteer for that cross-functional team or project or offer to help your boss with a challenging long-term goal. Consider getting involved with employee groups at work—whether through 志愿服务 in the community or promoting diversity in your company. All of these avenues can provide great material for your resume and essays.

improve 工商管理硕士 candidacy

To show leadership without clear career progression, look again to your extracurricular activities and think about taking on a leadership role. Can you find a way to lead with ideas, to show success because of your influence, 沟通技巧, or ability to motivate people?  This is your chance to demonstrate that you can run a project and motivate a team.

The spring and summer months can be very fruitful for your personal and professional development. More precisely, it’s a great time to improve your 工商管理硕士 candidacy. With a little advanced planning and a commitment of just a few hours a week, applicants can do a great deal to enhance their profile before that final rush of the fall and winter.

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