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      Significance of Weihai buried sewage treatment equipment engineering construction

      Release Time:2020-05-19

      The integrated sewage treatment equipment uses membrane bioreactor (MBR) for sewage treatment and reuse. It has all the advantages of membrane bioreactor: good water quality, low operation cost, strong system impact resistance, less sludge, high degree of automation. In addition, as an integrated equipment, it has a small floor area and is easy to integrate. As an effective supplement to the traditional sewage treatment plant, the system has been widely used in urban residential communities, hotels, tourist attractions, rural communities and other fields. How to deal with the pipe blockage of buried domestic sewage treatment equipment how to deal with the pipe blockage of buried domestic sewage treatment equipment how to deal with the buried domestic sewage treatment equipment is now one of the necessary equipment for the environmental protection profession, which shows that its advantages have been recognized by the market, but since it is a sewage treatment equipment, it must deal with sewage, and the situation of pipe blockage may be prevented. Generally speaking, the consumption of domestic sewage is 2-3 grams per ton of sewage and 8 grams of hospital sewage. Pay attention to the connection and plane layout of equipment and pipeline connection. According to the specification requirements, it can be arranged arbitrarily according to the user's requirements. The working principle is in class A, because the concentration of organic matter in sewage is very high, the microorganism is in the state of anoxia, at this time, the microorganism is facultative microorganism, so class a tank not only has certain organic matter removal function, reduces the organic load of subsequent aerobic tank, the concentration of organic matter decreases, but also has a certain amount of organic matter and higher NH3-N. The function and principle of aerobic tank anaerobic tank in sewage treatment the function of aerobic tank is to make the activated sludge breathe aerobically, further decompose the organic matter into inorganic matter, and remove the pollutants in sewage. The disinfectant should be carried out in the disinfection tank according to the buried integrated sewage treatment equipment. The water from the secondary sedimentation tank passes through the disinfectant tank, and the disinfectant is partially dissolved, so as to achieve the disinfection effect.