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谁应该全力以赴? An Ivy League grad keenly aware that when it comes to MBA admissions, there are no guarantees. An applicant who faces challenges such as suspensions, failed classes, lay-offs or low numbers. Or, anyone who hopes to get in to business school and knows that hope alone does not make dreams come true.

自2001年以来, 手机版伟德 clients have received unparalleled rates of acceptances to and scholarships from every top business school in the world. 2019年,SBC客户收到超过4美元.500万的奖学金.


  • 成功不是时尚.

    A success rate ranging from 92 to 98% since 2001 and 20% of admitted clients receiving generous merit scholarships. We’ve shown that we’ve got 手机伟德 it takes to help you get where you want to go. 视图 数百 of 我们的奖状. 我们可以在网上看到更多的感言.

  • 我们是谁是As

    An elite team supported by continually updated resources 和 most current in-service training. 我们自豪的 手机版伟德 以及我们所取得的成就.

  • 我们整个团队都在你的团队里.

    每一种客户, we only have one strategy: build upon 手机伟德’s worked while personalizing the process. 我们的基本审查层确保通过飞行测试, 我们的小组面试专家和额外的眼睛团队, 千方百计.

  • 我们有内幕消息

    U.年代的新闻, CNET沃顿商学院 都要求SBC成为他们的商学院手机版伟德. 我们是记者在 《手机版伟德》杂志, 《手机版伟德》 和许多其他出版物. 为手机伟德? 因为我们良好的业绩记录和广泛的业务范围使我们成为 关键资源 那些应该知道的人.

  • 无限的资源,无限的答案,无限的访问.

    我们有无尽的精力、热情和信息为客户服务. There is no scenario we haven’t worked through and no case we can’t handle. 我们正在把“不”变成“是”,让梦想成真 我们花了这么长时间才建成的:经过十多年磨练的最佳实践, 数百 of sample 论文 and interview transcripts and school specific guides that will keep you in the know.



我们的 process begins with the meticulous pairing of clients and consultants based on histories, 需求和目标. Some of our consultants have a sweet spot for non-traditional applicants while others excel with engineers. Just like you, our consultants’ backgrounds and perspectives are varied.

You’ll be matched with someone who believes in your candidacy and who is excited to work with you. 之前你配对, you can review bios and speak with potential consultants so you feel 100% comfortable.

We don’t begin an engagement or accept payment until you feel you’ve been paired with the perfect match.


你和一位完美的顾问搭档了. 现在,是时候制定行动计划了. That starts with a kick-off meeting during which your consultant will dig into the who, 手机伟德, 这是如何形成你的故事的.

真正了解你的过去, you and your consultant will come up with a customized application strategy.


  • 列出自己的优点和“相信的理由”.
  • 找出弱点并减轻它们. (我们的 clients learn that their weaknesses can also be amazing opportunities, 他们所担心的事情往往是他们与众不同的地方.)
  • Selecting stories and experiences that suit specific essay questions.
  • Planning for implementation of strategy through every interaction with target schools.
  • School Selection: We’ll have an in-depth and honest discussion about your profile 和n make 建议 while still adhering to your vision.
  • Recommendation 策略: We will help you select recommenders and develop materials to guide and assist them.
  • 在你的清单上的可用项目的学校指南.

You’ll receive an Application 策略 Document, which serves as a roadmap for your applications.

Guidance on leveraging social media to support your application strategy.


We implement your personal strategy across every point of contact with your target schools: data forms, 非正式沟通, 论文, 重新开始, 建议. 我们的评论没有限制.

我们为你而来, 认识到许多申请人在平衡工作, 家庭, 以及其他非常紧张的录取过程中的承诺. 除了正常的工作时间外,我们周末、晚上都有空.


作为客户,你可以接触到我们整个团队. Your primary consultant will help you connect with other experts as needed for additional essay reviews or to answer your more complex questions.

You can also receive an “Extra Eyes” review from a relevant expert on 手机版伟德. Multiple and diverse layers of review are a hallmark of the SBC service; this approach prevents tunnel vision and provides you with all of the perspectives and inputs that you require.

我们的 网络资源中心 是一个存放了十多年数据的仓库:论文样本, 建议, 简历, 学校概述, 面试成绩单等等. We’ll give you school specific insights along the way and discuss 手机伟德 that means for you. Every year is different and every candidate is unique so accept nothing less than personalized attention that reflects your individuality.


你已经走了这么远. 你几乎已经完成了紧张的MBA申请过程. 但在寄出之前,我们要确保它是完美的. 这意味着你会有新的眼光,可能会有新的想法.

Once a full set of application materials for your initial school have been drafted, 但不确定, the application will be sent to a former admissions committee member for a one time review, adcomm风格. You’ll have the benefit of a true admissions committee review while still having the ability to tinker and change.

You will then partner with your primary consultant to incorporate the feedback and finalize your b-school application.


我们的 interview video platform will be key to your initial interview prep. 对自动面试提示做出回应, record your live interview and play back to reflect and refine your technique. Practice as often as you wish and submit one video for written feedback from a team expert.

Your primary consultant will share proven interview tips which you can then put to the test in a scheduled mock interview. 你的模拟面试可以亲自进行, 通过Skype, 或者通过电话, 但总会在最后留出反馈时间.

我们的采访是仿照真实情况进行的, 模仿斯坦福大使般的友好方式, 哈佛的调查和沃顿的小组讨论. 任何模拟小组面试都将在最后提供书面反馈.

Your consultant will make sure you’re not only ready for your interview, but excited. You’ll have the confidence that only comes with practice and precision.

合作伙伴,记住? 完成你的申请不代表我们就不工作了.


从哪所学校录取, 如何最好地浏览等待列表, 起草一份延期信函, 我们的服务不会在您的申请完成时结束. 一旦你被学校录取,我们的正式服务就结束了, but we do hope you’ll stay in touch and join an active pool of SBC alums. 你的成功就是我们的成功,我们想听到你的成功!


全力以赴意味着你同意让你的希望成为现实. 全力以赴会让你走上拥有自己应得未来的道路. Going All-In means you believing in yourself, your talent and your potential.

全力以赴意味着无论白天黑夜,我们都在你身边. 全力以赴意味着你不是一个人在战斗, 我们是合作伙伴, 在一起, 直到最后. 全力以赴意味着你没有把你的未来交到希望手中. 相反,你们把自己的未来掌握在自己和我们的手中. Going All-In means success isn’t just for someone else, it’s for you.

所以你应该全力以赴? 绝对. 让我们讨论一下:


梦想家和实干家,我们是一个成功故事的团队. 看看我们推荐的几个顾问的简历就知道了, 每个人都能给你一些东西. 让我们满足:




我们不仅相信我们的客户,我们还相信我们自己. We believe you have 手机伟德 it takes to get into Business School and you just need us to show you how. 我们相信,每个候选人都有一所完美的学校. 我们相信我们所做的,否则我们不会去做.




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