当你回顾我们的客户故事时, you may have the feeling that all of these clients had a better story or more material than you do. Keep in mind that each one of these clients came to us with a significant challenge – and they were completely stumped as to how to present themselves. It was through brainstorming and coaching that together we came up with a seamless, 可行的故事被证明是成功的!

  • No. 1

    平均绩点: 3.1
    GMAT考试: 680
    本科生: 斯坦福大学心理学专业
    活动: 高中游泳运动员,志愿游泳教练
    个人: 来自墨西哥的家庭

    概述: Our client was laid off four times in four years after graduating from college. The fourth time occurred just two months before submitting his application. He was terrified of revealing the layoffs and wanted to detail his various jobs without explaining the reason behind his transitions.

    结果: 以奖学金被沃顿商学院录取.

    策略: We advised our client to detail his layoffs and in doing so he told a story that highlighted several very positive qualities. He was able to demonstrate resilience in his ability to successfully bounce back and grow from each disappointment. He showed maturity and 自我意识 through reflection upon mistakes he had made, 通过他吸收知识的能力. 他还展示了自己的足智多谋和干劲, by finally creating his own entrepreneurial opportunity that became a true platform to reaching his future goals. 最终, his career roller coaster became a great launching pad to showcase many very positive qualities.

  • No. 2

    平均绩点: 3.4
    GMAT考试: 730
    本科生: 特拉华大学
    活动: Tennis, marathons, sporadic involvement with various Indian non-profit organizations
    个人: 来自印度

    概述: 我们的客户在印度出生长大, 他来到美国攻读工程学学士学位. He then went to work for a large corporation where he progressed for the next five years. 虽然他有扎实的工作经验, 和数字, 他的人口结构使他处于一个竞争非常激烈的群体中, 他需要找到一种与众不同的方法吗.

    结果: 被哥伦比亚大学、塔克大学和麻省理工学院录取.

    策略: Many Indian applicants pursue engineering careers and their resumes all begin to look the same. In working with this client we removed the focus from the nitty gritty technical details of his every day job, 并强调了他的管理和领导经验, 是手机伟德让他与众不同. 具体地说, he had spearheaded a non-profit initiative and garnered a great deal of support within his office, 最终筹集到大量资金, but also setting the stage for future office initiatives of this kind. 他还承担了培训的角色, mentoring new hires and helping to develop the blueprint for a training program. Neither of these roles were part of his formal job description but they highlighted his leadership abilities and added color to his resume.

  • No. 3

    平均绩点: 3.2
    GMAT考试: 720
    本科生: 在中东部海岸大学主修经济学
    活动: 本科时参与过学生会工作
    个人: Our client’s entire family moved from Asia a year before he started college

    概述: Our client was suspended from his college for plagiarism and although very ready to go to business school, he had delayed his MBA application for two seasons out of fear that he could never overcome this blemish.

    结果: 被沃顿商学院和凯洛格商学院录取.

    策略: 我们的客户需要正面解决剽窃问题, 解释发生了手机伟德, make no excuses and concretely demonstrate how he learned and grew from the experience. Initially tempted to ignore the incident or discuss it in an additional information essay, 我们说服他写一篇完整的文章来处理这个问题, 因为这是他成长过程中的一个关键事件. He took full responsibility for his actions but did discuss cultural differences and the fact that he did not fully understand American views on plagiarism. 他讨论了停赛对他的感情影响, which really humanized him so the adcomm could understand his remorse and embarrassment, 对他与家人的关系以及他的自我形象的影响. He then discussed how he was elected to the school’s student government under the platform of revamping the school’s honor code, and the actions he then took to ensure that what he experienced would not happen again. 他的故事就这样兜了个圈子, and this very large blemish was leveraged to highlight positives: his personality, 自我意识, 一个重要的成就.

  • No. 4

    平均绩点: 3.6
    GMAT考试: 720
    本科生: 常春藤盟校
    活动: 几次非常强烈的课外活动
    个人: 在中西部接受传统的美国教育. No significant personal challenges or extraordinary family circumstances.

    概述: Our client had one year of fairly basic experience as an analyst at an investment bank. 作为一个非常大的组织的入门级员工, she had very little opportunity to differentiate or demonstrate leadership. 尽管她有很多课外经历, she needed some professional stories but as she racked her brain for examples that would help her shine, 她空手而归.

    结果: 被哈佛商学院和斯坦福大学录取.

    策略: 展示领导能力和创新能力, we decided to use a relatively mundane example of overhauling an Excel spreadsheet, but dove into details that demonstrated some terrific qualities that the client possessed, 如计划, 详细的方向, 可以做的态度, 影响他人的能力, 领导和更多. 虽然任务并不高, it did provide a stage to present all of these impressive qualities. She also discussed the layers of impact of her simple contribution and the subsequent lesson, 这种变化在组织的任何级别都是可能的, 即使是很小的改变也能产生实质性的影响.

  • No. 5

    平均绩点: 2.7
    GMAT考试: 700
    本科生: 密歇根大学心理学专业
    活动: 武术,副业创业
    个人: 在美国出生和长大的白人男性

    概述: Our client was fairly solid in many areas – he had deep extra-curricular interests, average but interesting work experience and some very interesting personal stories. However, he had a below average GPA that could have derailed his entire application.

    结果: 被哥伦比亚大学和芝加哥大学录取.

    策略: 最终 this client’s story was a personal one that chronicled how he developed and pursued an intense interest in martial arts. That interest actually took him away from school for two semesters and became a distraction that contributed to a very low GPA. But it also helped him develop certain characteristics and unique abilities that strengthened his character, 使他成为一个更强的领导者和团队合作者. In his essays he discussed his renewed commitment to academics and specifically explained how he had developed qualities that would enable him to excel in business school and in the business world.