重新申请商学院Many business schools, even the most elite and well-ranked ones, welcome re-applicants. 重新上 shows that you are very serious about your interest in the program, as this Tuck School 手机版伟德 肯定. The best way to approach the process when you’re 重新申请商学院 is to highlight how you have improved your candidacy.

Take a closer look at the following aspects of 工商管理硕士申请 package to determine where you should focus your energies to improve your odds next time around.


如果你在第一次申请时收到多个丁字, 下次再申请商学院的时候增加一些新的项目. 你可能会申请那些没有的 和你的资料很吻合. 确保你的重点是适合而不是品牌实力, and match your preferred learning style to the school’s instruction style.


Do: Apply to at least four schools to maximize your chances of success. 这些项目应该代表不同水平的竞争力.

别: Apply to too many schools – usually six or more – believing that hedging your bets in this way will guarantee admission somewhere. 虽然这个策略听起来很合理, 在现实中, your efforts will become diluted with each successive 应用程序. There just won’t be enough passion there to sway the admissions committee.

Do: 把你梦想的学校也包括进来. It may be a real reach, but go for it anyway, and you’ll have no regrets later.


Unsuccessful applicants sometimes don’t realize that the rejection occurred because their 的推荐信 给人的印象充其量是软弱的支持.

Do: Make sure whomever you ask is willing to write a very compelling recommendation for you. Since it’s not a given that you’ll see the letter once it’s written, it’s perfectly OK to come right out and explicitly ask for what you need.

别: 根据肤浅的原因选择推荐信. 我见过太多的求职者因为犯了这个错误而遭到拒绝. 询问一家公司的总统, 你梦想学校的校友, or any other bigwig won’t do you any good if they cannot speak intimately and enthusiastically about your many virtues.

Do: Remind your recommenders to address specific examples of your accomplishments and leadership abilities. Also, they should discuss your work ethic or team-building skills. 写一份强有力的背书需要一些努力, so make it easy for your recommender by providing a list of the accomplishments you want to highlight.


Business schools always stress that test scores are just one metric of admissions decisions. But they are important because the admissions committee has to make sure the people they accept can handle the quantitative work.

If your initial scores don’t come close to those of an average student at the schools you’re applying to, you need to make significant gains on your GMAT考试分数 in subsequent sittings or have other, extremely impressive qualifications when 重新申请商学院.


Do: 留出时间重新参加考试. Nerves or lack of preparation might have torpedoed your first effort.  The familiarity of taking it a second or even third time will often lead to a higher score.

别: 等到最后一分钟再参加GMAT考试考试. Take care of it early in the year before you have to juggle the other aspects of the 应用程序.

Do: Consider alternative preparation methods to see if they yield better results. 如果你去年自学的话, see if a formal class or working with a GMAT考试 tutor helps you improve your weak areas more efficiently.

别: 当完成测试后出现选项时,取消一个分数, 即使你很确定你搞砸了. 学校会评估你的最高分, 所以不要担心低分会给你带来负面影响.

That initial score provides valuable feedback about your testing strengths and weaknesses. You may also find out that your performance was not as bad as you imagined.


有时候,申请者会执着于写一篇“完美”的论文. In reality, they should focus on writing a compelling essay instead.  Candidates must really do their homework about the schools they have targeted.

这样做后, they can create compelling essays that convince the adcom how the program will help them reach their 的职业目标. This also predicts how they would contribute to the school as students and eventual alumni.

Do:  Use the additional essay to explain what’s changed in your situation to make you a stronger candidate when 重新申请商学院. 确保你的职业和个人发展都得到了提升, 但要表现出你是现实的、有自知之明的. 展现你的人性,以及它的一切 怪癖、弱点和缺点可以帮助像你一样的招生委员会.

别: Recycle essays from the first time around, and don’t use the same essay for multiple schools. At best, the byproduct of being all-inclusive is that you will sound generic. At worst, you might accidentally leave the wrong school name in the essay. 相信我们. You’ll get rejected out of hand for your lack of attention to detail.

最后, take comfort in knowing many people in business school right now were dinged the first time they applied. 工商管理硕士招生过程需要弹性, 所以需要一些时间来恢复, 重新评估,重新投入.

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