MIT Sloan Creates New R2 Deadline for Laid-Off Professionals


麻省理工斯隆管理学院 wants to help recently 下岗人员 pivot to b-school and has added a 新的,稍后的R2截止日期 specifically for these applicants. 相比之下 公告 凯洛格商学院, which targets laid-off tech workers, Sloan has chosen not to specify any one industry, as 裁员 have affected a large swath of professionals.

The deadline for this affected group is February 23, 2023. The admissions team at Sloan feels that three months is enough time for candidates to complete an 应用程序 package that includes sitting for a GMAT考试 or GRE考试 test. (Kellogg waived the test requirement for laid-off tech workers because the 第二轮截止日期 for the full-time 工商管理硕士课程 is still January 10, 2023.)

There is some precedent for business schools to respond to world events in ways that accommodate affected 工商管理硕士 aspirants. We need to look no further than the extended deadlines offered in spring 2020 在大流行开始的时候. With a dip in overall 应用程序, it makes sense for top business schools to reach out to 下岗人员 who are a strong pool of potential students.


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