商学院拒绝This is the time of year when business schools release their final decisions. 不幸的是,这并不总是好消息. You poured your heart and soul into the arduous 工商管理硕士申请 process. 然后, 当你的状态变为正式拒绝时, 被商学院拒之门外看起来就像世界末日.

For those of you feeling disillusioned by a 拒绝 from your dream school, 请记住:只有417名候选人成为了 斯坦福商学院 2021届工商管理硕士毕业生从7342名申请者中脱颖而出. At 哈佛商学院, 9228名申请者中的938名 她加入了2021年工商管理硕士班.


When the news comes in, the disappointment can feel overwhelming. It especially stings when other friends you’ve made during this process seem to receive acceptances left and right. The process of recovering from a 商学院拒绝 has three main phases. 首先是难以置信和破坏. 然后是对原因的自我反省. 最后,适应力强的人会积极努力提高.

退一步,让自己休息一下. Starting over without taking a breather only sets you up for failure. 你还没开始就已经精神崩溃了. 花点时间重新调整情绪. 关注朋友, 家庭, 爱好, or other interests that languished on the back burner over the past several months.

Once you’ve come to terms with the fact that you won’t start business school in the fall, it’s time to swallow your pride and cast a critical eye on your initial 应用程序 to find out why it got rejected.

遍历每个组件以了解任何薄弱元素. 你的工作经验是否太有限? Did you clearly demonstrate why an 工商管理硕士 makes sense at this point in your career? Have you shown why you “fit” with a particular school and what you would contribute to the class?



尽管很少有一件事敲响警钟, frequent red flags include a lack of leadership skills and experience, 不是很好的建议, and low GMAT考试 test scores or undergraduate grade point averages.

不管是有意还是无意, a lukewarm endorsement of a candidate is a definite warning sign for admissions committees. 因为你通常看不到写完的信, it’s essential to guide your recommenders by reminding them of concrete examples of your leadership skills and accomplishments.

我们建议这样说, “我想让你感觉舒服, 但我也想让你尽量轻松些, 所以我列出了这些成就.” If you have doubts about whether your supervisors would write you an outstanding letter of recommendation, then you may need to postpone applying to business school until you do feel confident of their support.

Feedback on your weaknesses directly from the schools is, unfortunately, hard to come by. If you do have the opportunity to speak with a member of the admissions committee, take advantage by asking for details about each area of your 应用程序 and make sure you walk away from any feedback session with action items for next year.


另外,确保你申请了正确的学校. 有些人申请了错误的地方, and they’ll need to do some soul-searching before they reapply. If your scores don’t come close to those of an average student at the school, it’s not likely you’ll get in next time unless you make tremendous strides on your GMAT考试 and have other extremely impressive qualifications, 太.

Finally, many schools include an additional essay question for reapplicants. This helps them better understand what has changed in your situation to make you a stronger candidate this time around. 当然,你应该强调你的新成就. But we always encourage applicants also to address any weaknesses they may have.

意识到你的失败并解决它们. 最后,要谦虚. Admissions committees know there’s no such thing as a “perfect” candidate, and one of the best ways to bounce back from a 商学院拒绝 is to show how self-aware you are by acknowledging your shortcomings.

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南方浸信会的 众星云集的顾问团队 是无与伦比的. Our clients benefit from current intelligence that we receive from the former 工商管理硕士 Admissions Officers from Harvard 哈佛商学院, 斯坦福大学’ and every elite business program in the US and Europe.  These 工商管理硕士 Admissions Officers have chosen to work exclusively with SBC.

满足 艾琳, who was Assistant Director of 工商管理硕士 Admissions at 斯坦福大学’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) and Director of 工商管理硕士 Admissions at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

满足 安德里亚, who served as the Associate Director of 工商管理硕士 Admissions at 哈佛商学院 (哈佛商学院) for over five years.

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如果你是这个赛季第一轮的申请者, 在过去的一周左右, 你可能收到了好消息, 令人心烦意乱的新闻, or a mix of both—otherwise known as placement on the waitlist. ...